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Saturday, Feb 23 Sex Masterclass

I know this is short notice, and well worth reorganizing your time for.

It's tomorrow at 9am PST or 12pm Eastern. Put on by my Erotic Blueprint co-workers.

Ever feel like navigating your sexual desires is like trying to decipher an ancient map, full of symbols and paths you just can't seem to follow? 

You're not alone on this quest. 

The truth is, that everyone's map to arousal is unique. Yours too! 

And you deserve to receive pleasure exactly the way YOU want it!


5 Essentials for Orgasmic Satisfaction,

To Get Your Bedroom Desires Fulfilled!

On this call I’ll give you tools to help you…

  • Claim your unique pleasure map

  • Ask for what you want in the bedroom (and get it)

  • Increase confidence in your sexy superpowers

Take a Step Towards Orgasmic Satisfaction


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