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 My Story

Short version of my life:​​

Things that were noticeable from a young age:

External hyperactivity; very risky behaviours; extremely creative – another idea every few minutes; quick thinker; very impulsive; always needing to understand the purpose of what I was doing; big lack of boundaries; very passive; lots of fears; low self-esteem; talked excessively and often drained people; constantly doubting myself; avoided making decisions in fear of making the wrong one; needing a lot of encouragement and nurturing; extremely black and white thinking/sometimes explained as all or nothing behaviour; interested in everything; promiscuous; extremely intelligent; extremely curious; socially awkward; very intense; and too trusting.

I grew up in the 70s, just after the sex revolution and when ADHD information was almost non-existent; particularly in Northern Ontario. I often felt rejected, taken advantage of and definitely different.

I was very curious about sex at a young age. I was sensitive to touch and enjoyed the sensations that touch brought. I was gullible, a people pleaser and had very poor boundaries. I was often misunderstood and taken advantage of.

I was pregnant and alone at 18 yrs old. The rest of my journey is one of overcoming one challenge after another with resilience, determination, creativity and drive.

I tell you all of this to assure you that I speak from experience. I have lived a chaotic life before I found management skills that work. I felt set up for failure, and that has brought me on this amazing journey of finding a way to help people set themselves up for success.

YES! It can be done, no matter how severe your problems are; no matter how deeply troubled your relationship is. If you are ready for change, coaching can empower  you to find a life of purpose, peace and passion. Imagine having deeper awareness of who you are as a whole being, including sexually. It really made a difference in my life. No more hiding my desires, no more shame and guilt for needing variety and wanting to explore.

My specialized training comes from New World Sex Education, Accelerated Evolution Academy, and ADDCA, for ADHD, a fully accredited ADHD Coach Academy. I am also a Registered Social Service Worker,  and I was an elementary school teacher for  over a decade.

I do not diagnose ADHD and I do not debate whether or not there is a need for medication.

Some people do very well with coaching alone; others need medication and coaching.

For some people, medication allows them to use their entire brain for the first time.

Who I Empower

I work with teens and adults of all ages.

Most of my clients have executive function malfunctions such as: problems with organizing thoughts, money, time, stuff, or other. They may struggle to prioritize, process, relate, control impulses and/or negative thoughts such as I'm not good enough, I can't...

What to Expect

  • confidentiality

  • a safe space to express yourself

  • no bullshit coaching

  • greatly improved quality of life

  • resources for your specific needs

  • expansion of who you are

  • clarity of mind

  • empowerment

  • understanding of your sexuality

Pleasure First

What comes to mind when you hear the word pleasure? 

Pleasure is many things: dancing, eating ice cream, getting a pedicure. It is not always about sex. 

Pleasure is important for our mental and physical health, and to our quality of life.

Be prepared to have more pleasure!

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