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Bonjour, I'm Diane, Registered Therapist/Certified Coach, empowering you to improve your communication, and enhance your sexual awareness for a happier, more satisfying life.
Je suis francophone.

It's not just about relationships with others;

it's about your relationship with yourself too.


Coach Diane D

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Types Of ADHD

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Facts about Diane Délina, Your Sexuality & ADHD Coach

Having a neurodivergent brain myself, I was an ADHD Specialist for years before I understood that you can't do wholistic wellness and leave out sexuality.
Those of us with different brains, often don't set boundaries, and if we have some, we can forget to enforce them. This and other differences in our brain, create issues, increase the rate of having pressured sex, sexual trauma, teen pregnancies, younger sexual exploration, lack of sexual gratification and/or desire, and more.

In becoming an Erotic Blueprint Coach, I came to realize that

how we do sex is how we do life, and how we do life is how we do sex.


Relationship Repair & Renew photo.png

Relationship Repair & Renew Kit

Are you feeling disconnected and out of sync in your relationship with yourself and/or with others?

Get empowered by improving your communication skills, and by enhancing your sexual awareness.


premarital photo (1).png

Premarital Empowerment

You planned the wedding and the honeymoon vacation.

What about  planning the honeymoon night and the marriage?

 Be proactive and plan for your best communication and sex life ever. 

Come create a marriage worth waking up to every day.


Free Your ADHD

Knowing what is going on in our brain is key.

Be empowered by understanding your brain, and finding solutions that work for each of your specific issues. 

As people with different brains, we  need different management skills to deal with situations and people. 

What Clients are Saying

“We were discussing divorce because we couldn’t see any way of fixing our marriage, but we decided to call Diane as a last resort. No one else had understood our ADHD. Turns out there were problems we had never discussed that we finally dealt with. Her communication methods were so helpful. Now we can work as a team and have discussions instead of fights.”

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