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Going from chaos to calm is only one retreat away!

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retreats for neurodiverse women

Coming Up Next


At the luxurious Clonmel Castle

Not sure what neurodiversity is? Check below. If you answer yes to two or more of these, this retreat will give you the tools to turn chaos into calm, with simple, reasonable steps. For a medical diagnosis, see your doctor. 

  • unique brain wiring / knowledge of being different

  • experience brilliance / many struggles in school or at work

  • partially communicate thoughts and feelings. People often say, “That’s not what you said.”

  • forget things that were just told to you, and/or forgetting where you put your keys, phone…

  • struggle to organize some of these: money, paperwork, time, space, thoughts, other

  • highly creative / think outside the box

  • live in extremes / difficulty balancing life

  • have an abundance of negative thoughts

  • accuse, blame, criticize & compare yourself a lot

  • socially awkward / sense of not fitting in

  • high or low libido

  • fun is so important even if others think you are irresponsible

  • easily feel overwhelmed or stuck if pressured or bored

  • talk excessively or hardly at all depending on the situation

  • change jobs often or underemployed

  • difficulty reading social cues / body language

  • often stuck in thoughts or in feelings

  • lack of trust in self to make good decisions

  • can often be passive or often be sensitive

  • difficulty setting and keeping healthy boundaries

  • feel misunderstood most of the time

  • fairness is crucial


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